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Talbot Adams LP Out Now!

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TALBOT ADAMS - Talbot Adams LP
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Talbot Adams has slowly become a solo artist over the last few years. Prior to going solo, Talbot's played in a number of bands: The Royal Pendletons, The Darkest Hours, Preacher's Kids, The Jenny Jeans, Dutch Masters, The Checkmates, and The Black and Whites.Talbot has played on recordings for Goner, Norton, Shattered, DMR and Spacecase Records. Adams has been lucky enough to play with members of The Oblivians, The Gories and The Neckbones.
            Talbot Adams was born and raised in New Orleans. He lived in New York City for five years, where he was lucky enough to intern at Matador Records before returning home and finally settling in Oxford, MS, where he currently lives. Talbot still misses New Orleans, but likes North Mississippi as well.
He has a new full-length album of his own coming out in March of 2014 on Spacecase Records. Talbot has been recently performing, at times with just voice and guitar, and at other times with a group of friends that back him up.

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New Talbot Adams LP In The Works... And A Video

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We are hard at work on our next release, Talbot Adams' new full-length record! It's due to come out within the next couple of months, so stay tuned.

For now, enjoy Talbot's new video for "Away", directed by Ron Rodenmeyer and Wes Williams and guest starring Daphne Nabors from Overnight Lows. The track is available for download at or on 7" vinyl through

Ross Johnson and Jeffrey Evans - Vanity Session LP out now!!!

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Vanity Session was the result of a year-long residency Ross Johnson and Jeffrey Evans held at The Buccaneer club in Memphis, TN. The album was recorded on March 21, 2008, at Zebra Ranch Studio in North Mississippi by the legendary Jim Dickinson with the help of former Reigning Sound drummer, Greg Roberson.        

            Ross Johnson has been a staple of the Memphis music scene for more than three decades. He's probably best known for his ranting on Alex Chilton's seminal solo record, Like Flies On Sherbert (Ross is the Baron). Johnson was also the original drummer for The Panther Burns—although he missed the Behind The Magnolia Curtain sessions due to drunkenness. Now retired from his job as a librarian, Ross currently spends most days drinking, ranting, writing about music and playing drums (typically in that order). Like Don Ayler's trumpet playing, Ross is unrestrained—at a high volume, he'll tell you everything you wanted to know (and more) about Memphis music.

            Jeffrey Evans came to Memphis in the mid '80s, following the path to Sun Records. A devotee of Charlie Feathers, Evans influenced many with his band The Gibson Bros. Alongside the late Jack Taylor, Evans fronted '68 Comeback throughout the '90s (and produced Tav Falco and The Panther Burns excellent return to form, Panther Phobia, in 2000). He currently fronts Jeffrey Evans and His Southern Aces.

            Vanity Session features Ross and Jeff switching off on lead vocals; at their request, Jim Dickinson showed them how he performed "I've Had It" for Like Flies On Sherbert. Thankfully Evans recorded the song and it appears on the record. Backing Ross and Jeff are Greg Roberson (drums), John Paul Keith (guitar), Adam Woodward (piano and organ) and Jeremy Scott (bass).

            Vanity Session is highly recommended for fans of Like Flies on Sherbert, the film Stranded in Canton, The Gibson Bros., and vanity records (because that's what it is).

Axemen One-Sheet -- Album Out Next Week

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The Axemen -- Sac Tap Nut Jam


Spacecase Records is pleased to release Sac Tap Nut Jam—the first new Axemen full length in twenty-one years.

            Originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, The Axemen formed in 1983. Shortly afterwards the band solidified around the core of Steve McCabe, Stu Kawowski and Bob Brannigan. (More than two dozen musicians have played in the Axemen, notably Johnny Segovia, George D. Henderson, Mick Elborado and Peter Gutteridge). Initial Axemen releases came out on Steve McCabe's cassette label, Sleek Bott. The Axemen signed to Flying Nun in the mid '80s, releasing the label's first double album, Three Virgins (1986). Like The Swell Maps, The Axemen sound is hard to define—Three Virgins runs the gamut, from country to punk to avant-garde. The Axemen released their second Flying Nun record Derry Legend in 1987. The band put out further cassettes on Sleek Bott, notably Scary (Part III) and Three Rooms (An Elton John Tribute Album), before going on hiatus in the early '90s.

           In 2009, The Axemen caught their second wind thanks to Tom Lax at Siltbreeze who reissued the band's cassette-only releases Big Cheap Motel and Scary (Part III). The Axemen toured the United States with Times New Viking the same year. In 2011 The Axemen visited Australia and put out a tour 7"— a label split between McCabe's Sleek Bott and the late Brendon Annesley's Negative Guest List Records. Siltbreeze came through again that year, reissuing Three Virgins on vinyl (original pressings were going for well over fifty dollars).

            Sac Tap Nut Jam finds Steve McCabe and Stu Kawowski reuniting with Dragan Stojanovic (who played on 1987's Derry Legend); rounding out the lineup is William Daymond. Recorded in early 2013 in Wellington and Taita, Lower HuttSac Tap Nut Jam—like all Axemen releases—defies easy categorization. There's The Beatles/Dylan pop of Stojanovic's "These Days"; McCabe's post punk-influenced "Doctor's on Speed Dial"; Steve McCabe's inimitable voice and stream-of-consciousness lyric writing comes to the forefront on "Google That Girl".

            500 vinyl copies of Sac Tap Nut Jam were pressed up—400 on black, 100 on gold. The Axemen are currently planning a tour of New Zealand in support of Sac Tap Nut Jam.  

            Sac Tap Nut Jam is the sixth release from Camarillo, California-based Spacecase Records.


Bored Out: Our New Webzine

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We're proud to announce our new webzine, Bored Out!  We started it for new interviews, reviews and photos that are independent of our label. Check out Ryan's interview with Talbot Adams, an unreleased shot of UV Race, and a review of the new Oblivians record, Desperation.  

Much more to come, so keep checking back!